Then everyone came whose heart was stirred, and everyone whose spirit was willing, and they brought the Lord’s offering for the work of the tabernacle of meeting, for all its service, and for the holy garments.
– Exodus 35:21



Christ Teens is a work of service dedicated to God’s children assigned to the public school. Teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers and superintendents need more love and encouragement so our team is being sent to bring these laborers additional expectation and hope from the living God.

Our ears are very attentive to the Teacher, Jesus Christ, who knows the heart of every man and the true intentions of this labor.

Your donations are used for His Kingdom to come to public schools! As we are led by the Holy Spirit, the following work of service is being developed and executed:

Girl Talk/Boy Talk

Afterschool programs dedicated to developing the mind of Christ in the next generation of Christian men and women

Back to School Zone

An annual community outreach to students, offering hands on creativity skills that will allow students to make their own school supplies, as well as backpacks and Bibles as students head back to school

Daniel Days

An annual three-day retreat for both teachers and students prior to the upcoming school year—focusing on discipleship

Phillips Run

An annual 5K run/walk to support healthy students in South Carolina

Jericho Walk

An annual, one day prayer gathering around district offices and schools before the beginning of the school year.

Christ Teens Conferences and Workshops

Christ Teens work closely with teachers to show them how to regain their classrooms, as well as educate and train future educators to prepare for their work of service in public schools.

SC Teachers’ Rally and Prayer at the State House

The annual South Carolina Teachers’ Rally and Prayer is an event held in Columbia South Carolina to kick off the upcoming school year with this banner over us: Dear God, Welcome Back to School. All 46 counties are called

National Conference Calls

Disciples can listen from the comfort of their homes as leaders use a weekly conference call to edify, equip and encourage public school workers-even over the summer!

Christ Teens Radio

A Morning Radio Broadcast presenting prayers onto God on behalf of our teachers, students and parents.


WE HAVE WATCHED AND PRAYED! God told us through His word that times were going to get worse but He also told us that He would pour out His Spirit on our sons and our daughters. Isn’t it wonderful to know that the public school is a “center” designed to catch the outpouring of the Spirit?

Colleges and Universities:
You shall receive students overflowing with wisdom, understanding, knowledge, skills and abilities from the hand of God.

Cities and States:
You shall receive students being equipped to serve in the government and private sectors, the media and medical fields, in the armed services and the nations. Your workers are coming from public schools.

To the Church:
You shall receive members who walk and talk with God, fit for service and givers to the kingdom of God.

Public school workers:
God loves you and is responding to your needs. REJOICE!

Thank you in advance for sowing into the Kingdom of God and His work in the public school!

Checks and Money Orders can be made payable to:
Christ Teens
PO Box 290682
Columbia, SC 29229