Most of our boys and girls do not see themselves as “children”. The world has pressed them into believing that they are “grown” before their time. Please join us in our efforts to sustain and restore the precious time of our children as we train them up to be the next generation of Christian men and women.


Help! I have a Teenager!

Help I Have A Teenager

God loves your teen with a perfect and unfailing love! We emulate that love on
a daily basis as we are blessed to encounter teenagers in public schools. Yet, let there be no mistake
about it: You are the greatest earthly influence in your teen’s life. With this in mind, our staff at Christ
Teens would love to encourage you and increase your faith in God for the godly success of your teen.

Please join us for our upcoming seminars on Parents with Teens! God has given us wonderful
revelations for this “in between” time in your Childs life and we can’t wait to share it with you!

You will discover:

  • Biblical principles to guide you as a parent
  • What the Bible says about dating
  • How to pray for your teen
  • Why a walk of faith is crucial for you and your child
  • How the church can help you with your teen

Please Contact Us to hold a parent/teen conference near you.