Start A Prayer Group

How to start a CityLight Prayer Team

A CityLight Prayer Group starts with an individual selecting 12 leaders who want (1) a deeper, more intense relationship with God; (2) to keep the two Great commandments and carry out the Great Commission and (3) to have a ministry of prayer and evangelism. The group holds it first meeting, signs up its members, elect or selects officers and registers as a CityLight Prayer Group.

CityLight Prayer Groups meet at least once a month to learn more about prayer and our verticle relationship with God and our horizontal relationship with each other.

CityLight Prayer Group Structure 1st Gen

This is the first generation of the Prayer Group. A leader and 12 disciples.

CityLight Prayer Group Structure 2nd Gen

This is the second generation of the Prayer Groups. Each leader from the first group selects 12 leaders and establishes an additional CityLight Prayer Group.


he first step in starting a CityLight Prayer Group is to enter into a spirit of Worship… a spirit of unrelenting, unceasing prayer. Taking time to seek the face of God and experience His presence from the very depths of your soul. It is by the will of God and only by the will of God that you can be an instrument of this work.

Ask God to reveal His purpose for your life. The purpose for the entirety of your being. Study the Word of God- the Bible. Pray for the manifold wisdom of God to be made manifest in your every endeavor. View the 5 twenty minute video sessions of Stephen Manley’s study on prayer and the Book of Ephesians.

Seek the advice, counsel and prayers of your pastor, deacons and church leaders. Learn more about CityLight and its leaders. Share your passion and love for the Lord Jesus and this mission of prayer with your fellow believers. Allow the call of II Chronicles 7:14 to resonant in your spirit. Examine your life, the lives of those in your community and the spirit and values by which you live. As you discover the will of God for this generation, we pray that you will join us as we join with Him in complete obedience and submission.

Knock on the door to your heart and the heart of this generation to live The Great Commandments and to pursue with reckless abandon The Great Commission. Allow the door of prayer to open the hearts of a dying generation and give hope anew to those who have not heard the Good News.


he second step in starting a CityLight Prayer Group is to ask for God’s guidance on selecting 12 leaders. This a very important step. It is where you allow the spirit to lead and guide you to the ones that God wants in the Prayer Group. We have our own ideas, qualifications and desires but God’s ways are not like man. This fellowship, you are allowing God to create through you, will last 10, 20, 30.. maybe 50 years. What God Joins Together…

Come follow me as I follow Christ

Write down the names, addresses, phones numbers and email addresses of persons you would like to have in your prayer group. Pray for and about each person. Ask God to reveal His plan for individuals in the Group. There are twelve positions to fill in each group.

The positions are:

1.Chairman 2.Vice Chairman (Discipleship)
3. Secretary 4. Asst Secretary
5.Treasurer 6. Asst Treasurer
7. Ministry Coordinator 8. Fellowship Coordinator
9. Photographer 10. Internet Manager
11. 2nd Gen Prayer Group (Evangelism) 12. Chaplain (Worship Leader)
13. Asst. Chaplain

Share the vision of the Prayer

You will find this to be the most difficult step, if you do it or the easiest step if you allow God to do it through you. Share the vision of the Prayer Group with each individual and personally ask them to pray for the vision and their participation in the group.

Once you have a committement from your 12 Prayer group members, select a place and time to hold your monthly meeting. Go to the Document section of the CityLight webpage and download a sample 1st meeting agenda. Your meetings should be an hour long. You will find that in your first meeting that a lot of time will go to organizing the Group.

Remember we are not meeting just to pray once a month but rather to rejoice in our having prayed all month. The Prayer Group meetings are to strenghten and equip each members and to allow all of us to grow together in Spirit.


he third step in starting a CityLight Prayer Group is discipleship. We want to grow in the knowledge of and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are far more than seekers, faint hearted onlookers or merely church members. We are committed believers who have committed ourselves completely to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your CityLight Prayer Group is an active, intense, ongoing Bible study that seeks to saturate each member with the essence and spirit of the Word of God. Pursuing the Word not from our intellect but from prayerful intimacy with Jesus.

The Great Commandments and The Great Commission

We want to teach a Cross Style life style. This is where the cross is reflected in every relationship and interaction. We want to dwell in the vertical relationship with God and walk in horizontal relationship with man. This is reflected in our living the two Great Commandments (Matthew 28:36) and pursuing the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). As a member of your Prayer Group and a disciple of Christ you will spend time in Prayer allowing God to bring deeper meaning to these scriptures in your life.

Save a Generation: II Chronicles 7:14

Only God can save man. There are many solutions being offered to save the world – politics, social welfare, religion, etc. We ask that you allow the call of II Chronicles 7:14 to resonant first in your spirit and the in your world. Examine your life, the lives of those in your community and the spirit and values by which you live. In Prayer, you discover the will of God for you and this generation.

Acts: When The Spirit dwells in a man

The book of Acts tells the story of what can happen when we become filled with the Spirit of God. What happens when we become the throne on which sits Christ the Living God? Each Prayer group is ask to respond to God’s call for Communion. Discipleship starts here.

Ephesians: Prayer Group as the Body of Christ

We encourage every Prayer Group to view the 5 twenty minute video lessons on the Book of Ephesians by Dr. Stephen Manley. These Lessons are to teach each believers about the heavenly world and the impact of our prayers.Video presentations by Dr. Manley and others will be made available to Prayer Group members.

Galatians: The Fruit of the Spirit

We the members of the CityLight Prayer group hereby solomly pledge our lives hopes and dreams to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We promise to uphold, honor and promote the core values of our Christian heritage. “The fruits of the Spirit are perfections that the Holy Spirit forms in us as the first fruits of eternal glory. The tradition of the Church lists twelve of them: ‘charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control, chastity.’ These fruits are the result of growth in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These fruits are tendencies rather than mere willingness, because “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” In the person who possesses a Fruit of the Spirit, this willingness bears fruit in the life and behavior of the person.


he fourth step in starting a CityLight Prayer Group is to release the power of the spirit through ministry. The Cross Style Prayer Life empowers us with a spirit of humbleness and obedience. This perfect submission transforms all of our relationships and interactions. It is by the will of God that we become ministers to each and eery lost soul we encounter.

The Ministry of Relationship

As we completely submit to the will of God in our Prayer Groups. We lay the foundation for God to use us in bringing others into a Prayer Group. We can teach and disciple others by the examples and the experiences of our own life in Communion with the Lord Jesus.

It is through relationships that God touches our hearts and draws us to Him. It is this ministry of relationship that the next level of Prayer Group will be birthed. Each member of the Prayer Group will follow this outline to allow God to draw 12 new believers per member to establish the next generation of the Prayer group. This is the Ministry of relationship. The 13 original Prayer Group members grow into 12 new Prayer Groups for a total of 156 believers committed in the deepest way to a personal relationship Jesus Christ and his neighbor.

Through prayer the vertical relationship with God grows and premeates every aspect of our life. With the Spirit of God resting within us every role and position in our lives becomes a platform for Ministry. Our horizontal relationships, as fathers, mothers sisters, brothers, employers and employees are all relationship where the love of God can change a family, a business, a school, a community or even a nation. This is the ministry of II Chronicles 7:14

We must not rush to do ministry as a Prayer Group. We must wait on the Holy Spirit to fill us so that we can be ministry in our Prayer Groups, in our homes, schools, work and throughout the nation.


ur purpose is to envision, network, train and mobilize leaders within the body of Christ to strategically form prayer groups of a leader and 12 members to pray together for one hour at least once a month.

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  • Look at the Stephen Manley Video on Prayer. It is our vision that every home will have prayer for family and friends. The home should be the first place of worship.
  • Prayer Groups at church. It is our desire that every church would organize prayer groups to encourage and inspire members seek the face of God and spend time in his Presence.
  • Prayer Groups in the workplace. Christians can use their lunch hour or their breaks to strengthen their relationship with God and their coworkers.
  • Prayer Groups at schools. Students can change the focus of their campuses by putting God first. Prayer groups do not need to be an official a part of school but prayer needs to consume the lives of the students. Students can pray during their lunch hour, study hall or even after school.