School Prayer Groups

Pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

How to Start, Sponsor or Support a CityLight Youth Prayer Group

The Vision! Christ Teens Prayer Groups are led by a parent/sponsors who will help students develop leadership skills in the area of prayer and service to God through their Lord Jesus Christ. “Prayer Disciples” will develop a heart to pray for one another and others in their school.

Christ Teens Prayer Groups meet at least once a month to learn more about prayer and our vertical relationship with God and our horizontal relationship with each other.

Parent or sponsor and 12 disciples.

Each leader from the first group selects 12 others and establishes an additional Christ Teens Prayer Group.

Fellowship and Accountability!

To help our students be accountable to the vision set forth by Christ Teens, 12 students are initially selected to pray at their local school. Each “prayer disciple” will be responsible for praying for a specific area throughout the school year and on a daily basis -including their individual classrooms.

Example of Areas and Prayer

“Lord Jesus, Deliver us from every evil and bless us with wisdom, understanding and knowledge, skills and abilities as this next generation awaits your coming.”

Areas of prayer may include the Main Office, Media Center, Cafeteria, Art Labs, Restrooms, Guidance Office, Special Education Center, Parking Lots, Bus Loops, the Gym and various halls or levels in the school-including sports fields. Twelve areas are continuously covered in prayer.

It is imperative that the “prayer disciples” understand his or her mandatory participation as he or she prays throughout the school year. “Prayer Disciples” are encouraged to recruit other students to pray as well.

Parent/Sponsors will follow the Christ Teens guidelines. Parent/Sponsors are asked to maintain contact information on the 12 prayer disciples, meet with the students monthly and register the group at [email protected]


The Parent/Sponsor and students will meet once a month. If a prayer disciple graduates or moves, another student is prayerfully chosen to replace that student. As long as the student is enrolled in the school, he or she is asked to be committed to the Christ Teens vision. Thus, the local high, middle or elementary school will continue to be covered in prayer.

School by school and city by city, Christ Teens youth will continue to grow in prayer!