Welcome to Christ Teens

As I worked behind the attendance desk in a local high school, a “mission” began to grow within me for the “children” that surrounded me each school day. I now understand that “mission” as the love of God for those children that came and went year after year.

Children, who by faith and a large dose of hope, shall be transformed by the power of God despite the fiery darts that target them at home or in school. “Lord, we need a place to reach, teach and fellowship with them”, I said. By His design, Christ Teens was formed- a nonprofit organization that offers “Girl Talk” and “Boy Talk”. These programs are after school programs that aim to develop the mind of Christ in the next generation of Christian men and women!

Still, God wasn’t done. The Lord began to give instructions on how to reach and encourage teachers and other public school workers who interact with students on a daily basis.

Thus DisciplesEDU was birthed from the “Bible-belt” state of South Carolina-offering the SC Teachers’ Rally, local seminars and a national telephone conference call that encourages, edifies and equips believers and nonbelievers!

The Almighty God is with us- the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit- and He has at His disposal a heavenly army that is mighty in strength. The goal of DisciplesEDU is to build an earthly army of soldiers who talk and walk with the LORD of the Harvest, Jesus Christ, on the grounds of public schools-all within the law.

We hope to hear from you: from Ridge View High School in South Carolina to Highlands High School in California. From Wheatley High School in Texas to Juneau-Douglas High School in Alaska! Please join me as I am delighted to say, “Dear God, Welcome God back to school!”

Your sister and His servant to public schools,

Vanessa E. Frazier

P.S. I’m feeling His love for you already! I look forward to meeting you!